Underwhelmed by Macworld

Was anyone else left unenthusastic by the big announcement at Macworld?

I mean, x86 Macs? That was well-known, like, nine months ago. So I’m scratching my head as to why I’m supposed to be eager to plunk down $2,000 for another sip of Apple’s Kool-Aid, even if this new batch has Intel inside? If it’s supposed to be so special, show me what new thing I can do with it.

I’m less productive on my Mac at work, so you could accuse me of some bias… but have any of you ever really noticed how cult-like this whole Apple thing is? Can you imagine any other company that has its own official convention to announce to a crowd of rapt fanboys the price points on their products for the next year?

Yet Jobs and Co. make this out to be the most important moment of the year for anyone who considers themselves a “Mac person.” And guess what it is this year? Basically a quarterly-earnings report on the iPod — with Jobs up there boasting about millions of units shipped like some kind of revolutionary leader.

x86 Macs are great for your stock, Steve. But consumers what to know: what does it mean to me?