The flow of time is always cruel

As you know, I have been all over the internet. But never in all my years have I encountered a group of nerds more devoted to an irresolvable knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred argument over the significance of arcane minutiae than Legend of Zelda timeline theorists. Zelda timeline nerds will verbally eviscerate you the very instant you display the slightest logical flaw in your understanding of their vague and often mistranslated lore.

Case in point: This thoughtful, well-reasoned video would be instantaneously dismissed by any self-respecting timeline theorist on the grounds that there is no way A Link to the Past could take place after Zelda I and II nor is there any way that the Oracles games could appear in different branches of the timeline, if you even accept the speculative notion of split timeline theory at all. Which I do.