Apple Kool-Aid sip

A lot of people seem to be missing the big picture surrounding Apple’s iPhone. They’re all talking about it like it’s just an iPod mixed with a phone. BusinessWeek gets it right: The truly remarkable thing about this device is that it’s practically a paradigmn shift in consumer electronics.

But even that is just a sideshow to the real news: Apple Computer Inc. has become simply Apple Inc. After all, when a company changes its name it tends to signal either a change in its mission… or that it’s a bank. Unfortunately, Apple Inc. is not a bank — and its mission has just changed from selling computers to remaking the world in shiny white plastic.

Personally, I’m happy about it. I look forward to the day when Macworld doesn’t refer to a PR spectacular but rather to the place where we all live. Hey, I’m not the only one: Wall Street seems to agree.

Mark my words, the singularity starts here. Kind of puts that old Superbowl spot in perspective, huh?