Craig Newmark is one smart dude

The LA Times has posted an interesting interview with Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist. Recommended for folks who are interested in where journalism and media are going.

In short, Newmark sees a future for lean, hyper-local properties. He sees citizen journalists coalescing in virtual newsrooms with “strong leadership.” He sees the revenue coming from display ads purchased by small local businesses on a sponsorship model. He admits this isn’t anything we haven’t heard before but it’s always good to hear it again.

Here’s an excerpt:

But we’ll see, then, looser, weaker networks of talented writers who maybe wind up being some of your natural allies who may feed into your organization or similar. But networking is going to be probably the biggest critical success factor, as we used to say at IBM, and right not [sic] it’s the size of your network that may determine success in large part. And you will be, you know, involving amateur writers, since some of them will provide some really useful stuff to you and help out.

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