“Be amazing, be everywhere, be real”

Silicon Alley Insider has re-posted an email Jason Calacanis, the former CEO of Weblogs, Inc and current CEO of Mahalo (one of those “human-powered” search engines, similar to Indy’s own Cha-Cha), sent to his “Jason’s List” email subscribers detailing why you don’t need a PR company for your startup. From a broader view, it’s also about the kind of behaviors and self-talk you can model to hype and network your way to being one of those cult-of-personality CEO’s.

It’s long but definitely worth a read if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

One thought on ““Be amazing, be everywhere, be real”

  1. That Calcanis article was good – full of interesting tidbits and reminders, even for a seasoned business like mine.

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