‘Instinct’ says buy this phone … but what does Sprint say?

Not too long ago, I decided I really wanted a Palm Centro. Unfortunately, the independent Sprint retailer I buy from would not sell me the Centro for its advertised price of $99, even though I had previously purchased from him and was willing to re-up my contract at a higher monthly rate for unlimited data. (I suspected that Sprint corporate might eventually acquiesce but as a customer I shouldn’t have to make any kind of distinction between a Sprint-branded independent and the corporation … nor should I have to raise a stink or go through multiple levels of customer service flunkies just to be treated like a valued customer.)

Anyway … it turns out maybe this was all for the best. (Isn’t it always?) After all, Sprint has just announced in a few short months they — in partnership with Samsung, which is making some really kick-ass TVs right now — will be releasing The Instinct, featuring iPhone-like capabilities at a decidedly un-iPhone-like price: $199.

Of course, the real challenge will be convincing Sprint to not be a dick because they already have me on contract. But they must be aware that they aren’t the only game in town … and that if they won’t sell me the Instinct for $199 in June they can kiss me (and my monthly fee) goodbye in April of 2009.

2 thoughts on “‘Instinct’ says buy this phone … but what does Sprint say?

  1. True, why have an imitation when you can have the original? But getting an iPhone means I have to sit out a new phone until April of 2009 *and* pay a whole lot more for that undefinable Apple touch.

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