redesign leaves something to be desired … but what?

Hot on the heels of their recent print redesign, my friends over at the Indianapolis Star have just given their website a makeover. The timing, of course, strikes me as funny since my friends over at NUVO are about to unleash a redesigned website as well. (Not that I’m saying there’s any kind of connection.)

Now, I haven’t had a chance to comment on the Star‘s print redesign yet, so let me quickly say that it is almost universally good. Nothing drastic, of course — it’s the kind of thing snooty design nerds would call a “refresh” — but the overall result is a more polished, readable and practical newspaper that retains that quintessential Indianapolis Star quality of standing for nothing at all.

So how do I feel about their web redesign? In a word, ambivalent. Certainly the Star‘s old — and I can’t believe I am going to use this meaningless cliche — Web 1.0 site was in need of more than a fresh coat of paint and this is certainly a step in the right direction … but my immediate reaction is there’s still a lot of clutter and it’s hard to know what the information hierarchy is supposed to be here. (Although I do appreciate they they’ve apparently built-in some flexibility for how much real estate they give to their top story.)

5 thoughts on “ redesign leaves something to be desired … but what?

  1. I fear change.

    Did you notice that the page dimensions of the paper is actually smaller in size as well? The website seems a little less cluttered than before, which is a good thing.

  2. Round these parts, our sales people tried to make their clients feel like the reduced page size meant they were now getting ripped off on their newspaper ads. Which is a total non-arguement, of course. If the whole thing gets smaller, the proportional impact of a 1/2 page ad is the same. It would be like if the Earth and everything on it were shrunk by 5% — folks’ billboards would still command the same attention.

  3. I hate how now I can’t find the weather info easily. I used to just be able to glance at the web site and instantly know the temp. Am I just missing it?

    I realize being bothered by this fact probably puts me in the “grouchy old lady” category.

  4. Sarah, your “grouchy” opinion is valuable data. Temperature and weather data at a glance are important things to build into a local news site.

  5. The redesign caught me off guard, although when I saw the Louisville Courier-Journals’ redesign, I should have known the Star would be next. I think it’s the Star trying to look less like a newspaper (which is how their previous home page looked and read to me) to looking more like a blog/web site, like I don’t get the print paper, so I can’t comment on that redesign.
    I am still getting used to the new redesign. I feel like it’s more cluttered, although I like the organized tabs up top.
    The IBJ and Indiana Lawyer also recently redid their Web sites. Got to say fresh in this digital world!

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